Over 200 Watts residents and allies turned out last Saturday to celebrate the transformation of a vacant lot at the first Free Lots Angeles event. The event followed a groundbreaking of the Monitor Ave Park, a project of the City’s 50 Parks Initiative and the Trust for Public Land. We love the community poem written about vacant lots and the wonderful art forest made up of children’s (and some adults) vision for vacant lots in their neighborhood!  Check out pictures of the event below! All photos provided by Rudy Espinoza

Free Lots Angeles (FLA) works with communities to transform vacant lots into health-promoting neighborhood resources such as community gardens, parks, playgrounds, civic centers, or mobility hubs. FLA organizes “pop up” events on vacant lots identified through meetings with local residents, community organizations, and city council offices. FLA guides a community planning process to learn what resources residents want to bring to their community. FLA then helps to produce pop up events. FLA is a partnership of several LA-based organizations that support fair land use, active transportation, cultural, and health policies. The founding members of the FLA collaboration are: Community Health Councils, T.R.U.S.T. South LA, Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, the Advancement Project, Leadership for Urban Renewal Network, and Kounkuey Design Initiative.

The combination of CHC’s Free Lots Angeles and LA Open Acres projects provides a strong pathway for community land access in Los Angeles. If you’re interested organizing a Free Lots Angeles pop-up event in your neighborhood please contact us at hello[at]laopenacres.org.

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